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On Taxes

Leslie Osche will work hard to continually earn the taxpayer’s trust, keeping taxes low by driving efficiency in County government. She helped slow the County's budget growth to 1.8% annually, well below the CPI, grew the fund balance from $5 million to $27 million; Leveraged Marcellus Shale funds to invest in municipal infrastructure and provide public safety, parks, farmland, and technology investments; and providing alternate revenue to support debt service.

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WORKFORCE - On Keeping and Attracting Young People and Families


Osche worked collaboratively with those in Recovery, BC3, the Business Community and Twin Cities Rise to address workforce challenges by through the Personal Empowerment Initiative.  She and the Commissioners are supporting municipalities in enhancing quality of life through the development of parks, recreation, arts & culture, faith and socially connected communities.   They continue to work on multi-modal projects that advance new forms of transit and make space for pedestrian and bicycle traffic.


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On Protecting Our Freedom and Giving Voice to Our Values


As Commissioner, Leslie is a strong advocate for our County and its residents at local, state, and federal levels.

In defending our freedom and values, Osche and Commissioner Geyer challenged the Department of State and provided support and education to state and federal elected officials regarding election integrity.  Osche testified before the Senate Committee against the use of drop boxes.   “I believe in the power of the people and in restoring election oversight to our locally elected judges and inspectors of elections, the people who voters trust in their own communities.  Central count of mail-in ballots, removes that oversight and degrades the fabric of the community and the role of our citizens in the democratic process,” says Osche.  “I am committed to working with our legislators to resolve voters’ concerns and interests across the majority of Counties in the Commonwealth.”

At the desperate request of business owners whose lives and businesses were impacted by Governor Wolf's random pandemic closures; the team succeeded in bringing legal action that prevented future damaging business interruptions.  Read More

On Engaging Young People


Young adults and youth really want to be heard.  They are bright, technologically-savvy,  know how to save time and money, and they care about making a difference.   

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On Growing the Manufacturing Base and Supporting Agriculture - We Make Things Here

We are proud to lead the Commonwealth in manufacturing here in Butler County and to have a strong agricultural community that we support in as many ways as possible,” says Osche.  “Our partnership with the school districts is critical for our future and I am so excited about the bright future ahead for the City of Butler with the repurposing of the Middle School and the AK Steel Plant 2 site, the recent investment in the Penn Theater, and the growth of manufacturing in the City.”

I am committed to continue to provide the services of consultants to both businesses and municipalities seeking resources to expand their operations and improve their business environment.  We were proud to help Butler Technologies earn grant funds for manufacturing expansion, to expand our investment in Ag Preservation and funding an Agronomist through Penn State Extension to improve farmers' productivity.  I am also proud to serve on the New Economy Board of Southwest PA to insure that our manufacturer's and technology companies can take advantage of federal funds for adoption of robotics and artificial intelligence.  

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On Energy -Supporting Natural Gas Making America Energy Independent

Western Pennsylvania is the new energy hub for our Country!  I will continue to advocate for our local energy companies and our citizens whose lives have been transformed by the rich natural gas resource beneath our feet!  As Commissioners, we passed a resolution that directed Act 13 Impact Fees from Marcellus Shale drilling, toward public safety, technology and most importantly the development of a County Infrastructure Bank, one of only two operating in the Commonwealth, to offset interest on collective borrowings of municipalities for key water, sewer and road infrastructure projects.  To date we have financed over $45 million in infrastructure investments in the County as a result of Marcellus Shale Drilling Fees.   Read More

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