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WORKFORCE - On Keeping and Attracting Young People and Families


As County Commissioner, Leslie Osche drives the vision to keep and attract young people by enhancing the quality of life through development of parks, the arts, faith-based organizations and socially connected communities. She lead the development and adoption of a personal empowerment program that helps ALL people be engaged in meaningful employment, build soft skills, all of which leads to prevention and recovery. 

Leslie strives to establish long-term plans and goals to advance what is important to County residents… economic development with sound gas and energy growth, sustaining jobs, infrastructure and transportation, cost containment, debt elimination, public safety and health.

In 2019 we are proud to launch the Butler County Growth Collaborative under the leadership of Mark Gordon, Butler County's Chief of Economic Development and Planning.  The former General Manager of AK Steel's Butler and Ohio plants, Mark was and is perhaps our best hire.  The Collaborative brings together all the County agencies and institutions who can best assist a business in expansion and growth in Butler County.  Under his leadership, the County is providing enhanced service to municipalities, including the launch of the Infrastructure Bank, a financing tool to help with water, sewer, storm water, and road projects.  

She is leading efforts to enhance the County's parks along with a rebuild of Diamond Park in the future as a welcome gathering place for community events and activities. 

"We must explore new ways to work in criminal justice, the prison, emergency services and human services and we must be prepared fiscally and operationally for the future.  We need to be ahead of he curve and serve as a model for other Counties.  With both BC3 and SRU in our County, we can draw on their research and talent to drive change. A strong partnership between business, education, and community organizations is vital to preparing tomorrow's workforce."

Committee to Elect Leslie Osche
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