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On Communication


As a journalism and English Honors graduate of Duquesne University with a long career in public relations and crisis communication, Leslie Osche knows that challenges often stem from failed communication or listening skills.  As a leader, she strives to listen, clarify, and confirm the real message being shared.  

"Communication is a two-way street that MUST be enhanced.  We need to provide appropriate opportunities and forums for people to share their ideas and concerns and at the same time enhance our system of providing information to our constituents." 

As Chairman of the Butler County Board of Commissioners, I seek to clarify my fellow Commissioners' thoughts and views while listening to and responding to our citizens, the media, employees, fellow elected officials, the courts and others.  I serve as Treasurer for the County Commissioner's Association, and am on the Board of Fellows of the University of Pittsburgh Institute of Politics, seeking to enhance civil discourse and provide communication tools for elected officials.  

We are proud to have taken two County-wide tours to listen to concerns and share information about the new Emergency Radio System and then again to introduce municipalities to the services of our Economic Development, planning, assessment, tax claim and mapping departments.  

We were proud to host two Farm Town Halls to hear the concerns of the Agricultural community.  We subsequently worked with Penn State to hire an Agronomist for Butler County, to expand Farmland Preservation, and to provide information on family farm succession planning.

Committee to Elect Leslie Osche
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